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It is a fact that a clean business is good business! Do not let your commercial property send the wrong message to your customers. You only have one chance to make an awesome first impression, let us help you make sure they are positive ones. We offer a complete line of professional cleaning services from building exteriors and sidewalks to parking lots, dumpster pads and awnings. And for your added peace of mind we are fully insured and promise to leave you 100% satisfied! We offer pressure washing in Louisville KY to most commercial properties

Concrete and Sidewalk Cleaning in Louisville KY
Concrete and Sidewalk Cleaning in Louisville KY




Window Cleaning Tips for Louisville KY Property Owners

by DeJay Brock

According to Feng Shui, windows are the eyes of your house. Like human eyes, they gaze upon the world. To have clearer vision, they should sparkle and be free of dust, dirt and other imperfections.

Many people want shining windows, but don’t know how to go about removing all the dust and water marks. It’s actually quite simple to clean windows, especially if you follow the tips outlined below.

1. Use the Proper Tools.
Use professional strip washer, squeegee, and razor for best results. Using any other tools could cause damage to your glass and leave you with a lot of wasted effort.

2. Scrub Glass.
Use your strip washer and solution and scrub your glass with minimal force to remove loose debris.

3. Scrape Glass.
Using a professional scraper, Never use a rusty razor and always go in one direction while scraping away any stuck-on. Be sure to never pull backwards on glass with the scraper. Also, pull away from the glass everytime you come back to scrape another section.

4. Re-scrub Glass.
Using your strip washer, simply re-apply the solution to make it capable for the squeegee to glide across the glass without any trouble.

5. Squeege the Glass.
You can use vertical or horizontal strokes with your squeegee depending on the size and shape of your window. For best results use a professional grade squeegee. Sponges and paper towels do not completely lift the water and dirt off of the glass and could leave behind streaks and water spots.

6. Detailing Window.
This will be your last step. You will simply use a DRY towel to remove little bits of water or suds that may be left behind on the edges of the glass. Also, use a towel to wipe away the water from the ledges.

If you follow the tips outlined your windows should look beautiful. If you have any question or would like to schedule an appointment to get your windows professionally cleaned feel free to contact Simply Glass Exterior Solutions

Soft Wash Pressure Washing in Louisville KY

Using pressure to remove unsightly surface stains, mold, and mildew from your siding or roof is a thing of the past. Today with the advanced technology of cleaning equipment and cleaners, pressure is no longer required. Quality detergents have been formulated to a perfect ratio that gives them the capability to take the place of pressure. These detergents are not harmful to your plants or animals.

We call this method a soft washing method. All that is required is for us to apply the detergent, allow it to dwell then come back and rinse it off. We use very little pressure (a little more than what comes out of your water hose). Pressure to siding can cause water to be shoved behind the siding and remain standing. This will cause mold and mildew to accumulate and you are left with a bigger problem than you had in the first place. The use of pressure can also completely damage your siding and once again you have a bigger bill than you bargained for. The same thing can happen with roofs. Water gets under the shingles and is left hiding in the warm wet darkness which is a perfect atmosphere for bacteria to grow. Your shingles can also be completely torn away from your roof because normally shingles are not made to handle so much pressure.

Soft washing is the way to go when it comes to your home. There is no risk involved and you will be left 100% satisfied when you see the results of your home. Professional Pressure Washing in Louisville KY provided by Simply Glass Exterior Solutions

For a professional pressure washing company in Louisville KY call 502-664-1589
For a professional pressure washing company in Louisville KY call 502-664-1589
For a professional pressure washing company in Louisville Ky call 502-664-1589
For a professional pressure washing company in Louisville Ky call 502-664-1589

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